Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies

1.1 Soil Cooling System 

Enjoying tropical open-air gardens comfortably without sweating may now become a reality with our innovative soil cooling system. Our technology has an international patent application pending (PCT/SG2015/050215).

The technology works in two ways: first, by keeping the soil shaded, thus protecting the cooler soil from convective heat flow; and second, by using the moist, cooler soil as a heat sink when heat from above the ground is dissipated underground. As evaporation in the soil continues, the soil maintains a temperature lower than the ambient daytime temperature, thus cooling the surrounding environment.


1.2 Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal energy storage systems can be used to store excess thermal energy for later use, thus balancing energy demand between peak and off-peak requirements. In our system, ice is produced in the night using power generated from renewable sources or from off-peak, lower cost electric power. The ice is later used to deliver air cooling directly to the buildings during the day when tropical temperatures hit their peak.

This practice known as “peak-shaving” can significantly reduce electricity consumption from air-conditioning requirements, thereby saving electricity costs at peak times while minimising harmful emissions from air conditioners.