What We Do

What We Do

Water sustains lives. Its uses are boundless, from keeping living things alive to generating hydroelectricity. Most industries utilise water in one way or another for their operations.

But water as a source of fuel? This is where we come in….to unleash the infinite potential of water.


Our Technologies

Water is made up of two elements which are essential to the sustenance of life and energy production –oxygen and hydrogen. By harnessing these two elements from water in a cost-effective and efficient manner, Hyirox fuel saver technology is able to lower fuel consumption while not polluting the environment. Some of the industries which can benefit from our fuel saver solutions are glass-making, metal fabrication and back-up power generation.

Our green building technologies share the same goal of developing clean and green energy solutions. These technologies enable communities to enjoy a clean and green life-style while saving electricity costs. The energy needs of communities within the green building are adequately met without increasing electricity consumption or harming the environment. Through consultation with our green building experts, any combination of our green building technologies can be deployed to achieve the desired benefits.